Our Story

Experience AJW

At AJW, we're proud to be an American manufacturer of commercial building products with a history of innovation, service and quality.

Humble Beginnings

Our founder, Anthony Granuzzo, began his career as a metal worker. By the early 1960's, he decided he could do better than the outdated methods employed in the industry at the time. He worked for months to perfect a new, more efficient way of fabricating steel products. Then, using that method, he started manufacturing washroom products in his garage. He called his venture A&J Washroom Accessories, a combination of his name and that of his wife, Jayne.

For Tony, customers always came first. Even when he outgrew his garage, he still used it to store completed orders, so he could hand deliver the products to job sites early in the morning. And when it came time to relocate to the New Windsor facility that still serves as the company headquarters, he moved one piece of machinery at a time to ensure customer orders weren't delayed.

Over time, our company has continued to grow. In 2008, we became a Fifty Door Partners company. We're no longer a small, niche manufacturer, but a market leader in the Division 10 commercial building products industry. We've built on our expertise in Washroom Accessories and now produce Washroom Partitions, Storage Systems, Visual Display Products and Commercial Wood Doors as well. The business, started in a garage, now has five manufacturing distribution sites across four states. We are now known as AJW, a reflection of that evolution.

Tony passed away in 2015, but his legacy lives on in our commitment to providing the quality products and best-in-class customer service our customers have come to know and expect.

Our Growth

Since we became a Fifty Door Partners company in 2008, we've grown exponentially. We started by investing millions in equipment and expansions at our headquarters in New Windsor.

In 2015, we opened a state-of-the-art 150,000 square foot manufacturing campus in Comfort, Texas. And we've already broken ground on a 260,000 square foot addition to this new facility, which will not only support future growth, but enable us to drive efficiencies, quality and lead times to industry leading levels.

The New AJW

Throughout our history, strategic acquisitions have enabled us to broaden our reach and expand our product portfolio. That has never been more true than in early 2016, when we welcomed Ampco to the AJW brand.

With a long, proud history in the commercial building products industry, Ampco has a reputation for quality and service, best-in-class manufacturing and distribution locations, and great people. All of these things made it a good fit for us as we grow the AJW brand.

In bringing together these two organizations - both known for delivering exceptional service, quality products and strong results - we've raised the bar in our industry. None of our competitors can provide the breadth of products we now offer, nor match the size of our manufacturing and distribution footprint.

But more importantly, no one else in the industry has a dedicated team of relationship managers advocating for every customer and business partner.

For over 50 years, each of our organizations has made our customers our top priority. Now, as one, we are Focused on Service™ together.

And together, we'll grow.