U701 Series

Product Features

Fabricated of high quality, 1/4" plate glass

Frameless construction

Multiple reflective surfaces available

Mirror comes with a 15 year warranty against silver spoilage

Product Specs

Mirror: 1/4" thick type 1 transparent flat type, class 1 - clear glass mirrors. Mirror is coated with silver and sealed with a uniform electrolytic copper plating, along with two coats of paint for added protection. Mirrors are guaranteed against silver spoilage for a period of 15 years. Mirrors conform to AS™ C1036 and AS™ C1503-R8.

Recommended size one piece glass is 100” x 48”

Optional Surfaces and Sizes:

-PM: Plastic Mirrors (96” x 48” max size)

-LG: Laminated Glass (96” x 48” max size)

-BE: Beveled Edge Mirror: 1/4” plate glass with 1/2” Beveled Edge (72” x 60” max size)

-VC: Vinyl Clad (120” x 48”)

*NOTE: For oversized mirrors, recommend using U717 “J” mold style mirrors (Bottom, Top & Bottom or 4 sided) See U717 tech data sheet for more information.

Mounting Options:

CL: Lucite Mirror Clips: (6 clips per pack)

SCL: Stainless Steel Clips: (6 clips per pack)

BCL: Lucite Mirror clips for beveled edge mirrors.

These Mirrors are always ordered Width x Height

Frameless mirrors are fabricated to a tolerance of ± 1/16”

Installation Instruction

Provide an area on wall surface at desired or specified location. Select the proper clips for mounting. Mount the bottom clips aprx. 1" inform each side of the overall width of the mirror. Place a level across the clips to make sure mirror will be level.


16"W x 20"H Frameless Mirror - Plate Glass Surface

Technical documents