UX197 Series

Product Features

Fabricated of #22 gauge stainless steel

Holds one standard facial tissue box

Available in satin and bright finishes

Product Specs

Cover: Fabricated of #22 gauge stainless steel with a #4 satin finish. Embossed friction type lock keeps cover closed.

Dispensing Area: Die stamped with hemmed edges to prevent injury or tearing of tissue.

Hinges: Full length stainless steel piano type hinge secures cover to body.

Overall Size: 10 5/8"W x 5 5/8"H x 2"D

271mm x 144mm x 51mm

Capacity: One box standard size facial tissue

Installation Instruction

Open dispenser and place unit on mounting surface at desired or specified location. Transfer mounting points to surface and drill pilot holes. Secure unit with proper fasteners per each application.


Bright Facial Tissue Dispenser - Surface Mounted

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