UX250 Series

Product Features

Heavy duty vinyl that is durable and waterproof

Bacteria and mildew resistant

Custom sizes available

Available in white and beige

Product Specs

Curtain: Heavy duty vinyl film (8 mil) that is flame retardant, durable and waterproof. Microbiotic KV-33 is an integral part added to the fabrication of this curtain that can be laundered repeatedly without losing this barrier against bacteria, fungus and mildew. KV-33 is a durable bacteriostat, mildewstat and fungistat that will provide protection for as long as you use this style curtain. It will retard the growth of organisms, thereby inhibiting odors caused by decaying bacteria.

Design: To ensure the ultimate in bacteria free curtain, there are no side hems to hinder the flow-off of soap and water. This also makes cleaning easier. The heading is reinforced with a ten gauge vinyl film with rust proof anodized eyelets spaced 6" apart.

Cleaning: Sponge with warm mild soap and rinse with clear water. Machine wash in relatively cool water temp not to exceed 120 degrees F. DO NOT USE DETERGENTS. Air dry at low temp.

Colors: Standard stock color is white. Also available in beige (available on request).

*UX1-V/UX2-V: Overhead s/s supports for oversized shower rods. (For shower rods over 72" in length an overhead support is recommended)

UX1-V: 1" OD shower rods.

UX2-V: 1 1/4" OD shower rods.

Installation Instruction

Recommended: UX169 stainless steel shower curtain hooks to connect to AJW shower curtain rods. Various types of flanges are available to secure rod and curtain to mounting surface (exposed and concealed). 

Measuring Curtains: Curtains are measured W x H.


60"W x 72"H Shower Curtain - Anti-Bacterial Vinyl

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